What if Death is just a Myth?

by admin

Our existence over a billion years has failed to give us a unified answer to life. The question unanswered being that how does the system of life & death work, how does life start & how does it end. Space consists of multiple universes & the one we are in is not the only one around.

The popular known string theory assumes the possibility of a Multiverse which states that there exists more than a single universe which includes multiple dimensions apart from the ones we are aware of, commonly known as space & time. It is basically a theory of everything that would explain everything we feel, see, or measure. We would understand all the forces and all types of matter. We would know what is most basic and how everything else is composed of these basic parts.

Gaining access to these other dimensions is yet not completely possible in theory, yet suggest a very strong possibility that our universe exists in a particular time in a given space. But when we cease to live in it, I mean when our bodies grow old & our hearts & brains stop functioning, the energy within us will travel into a further dimension thus giving us the access to an alternate existence. It will basically restart the process of evolution from scratch thus combining with other elements to form life!

But on our planet only a handful of humans truly believe that heaven & hell do not exist & there is no way in physics or any other field that it can be proven & is in-fact unanimously believed to be just a myth which we have always been told. It was simply designed to control the minds of humans by the self-made lords of religion, to scare the people of wrongdoing & manipulating them to their advantage. But you will probably be thinking that what on earth is this guy talking, isn’t it good to know what is right & wrong? I ask you one question. ‘Don’t each one of us have a conscious to understand what is right & what is wrong? Do we actually need a billion religions to tell us the same thing? Just try looking deep within yourselves & you will find all the answers, because he is in here, not up there!

When we stop existing in this particular time, we will travel deeper into further dimensions, into events we haven’t yet witnessed where we are re-born as we were on this planet just to live a new day, a new life. The string theory which recently has been extended to a new theory called Superstring theory, explains this possibility while proving that multiple universes do exist. Just not in our time & space. But somewhere out there, far far beyond our reach.

Life is a continuous cycle, not of pain, not of torture, but simply of existence. This cycle never ends, as we say there was no start & there will be no end. Life will never cease to exist, it will simply travel across time, space, other dimensions & all that we yet do not know of.

Albert Camus

Our bodies are simply carriers & are an evidence of what lies across billions of light-years to come and events that have already occurred. We are the living example of what we are in search of. And that is why the possibility of interacting with other universes however exciting it may sound, goes against the laws of nature, the laws which govern everything around us, the laws because of which our existence is possible till date.

In simple words matter can neither be created nor destroyed, only transferred, the same way life can never cease to exist because somewhere far far away, there is a another you, another existence, which is beyond human understanding & beyond our reach. Something which you may never consciously realize. Right now while you sit & read this, you are not aware about your true existence or the fact that we are in a particular dimension & have travelled across billions of light years to reach the place we call earth. And while we search for an answer to something which we may never be aware of, we travel across multiple events to only find ourselves living in this cycle of life. Now try asking yourself once again that how on freaking earth did you end up being here & where are you going next? Hell or heaven?

It’s astonishing how mathematicians & physicists have completely changed the way we look at life & existence. Everything that we have been taught since birth about life starts seeming like just a fairy-tale. Understanding it’s true nature & clearing our minds about man made stairways to the hell & heavens will help our world to not only evolve towards a brighter future, but also help us eradicate the gravest threats that we face in the time we exist in, like war, poverty, famine & events that would completely destroy the harmony of our existence in this universe.z

According to my belief, existence will continue to prevail as long as space and time exist. Maybe just a bit far away, maybe just not on this planet. But someday somewhere you will be reborn with a new destiny, a new world, but the one thing that will never change is the inner you!!

Now does the concept of death scare you or excite you into the possibilities of entering a new world order?

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Mike October 17, 2017 - 9:33 am

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Mike October 17, 2017 - 9:33 am

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