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Ever bothered to evaluate your dreams?

In my dictionary there are two types of dreams. One is Macro-dreamonomics and the other is micro-dreamonomics. People feel that dreams are evil, scary but they don’t realize that a dream is a relative concept. They are directly proportionate to your mind. Macro-dreamonomics is basically defined as “The dreams that last for 5 hours or more and which are highly intense”. They deal with the larger sector of the dreams and include highly action-packed & horrifying dreams and sometimes even romantic ones. They are very similar to ones that our finance ministers give us before the budget announcement. Micro-dreamonomics defined as “The dreams that last for a maximum of 5 hours and involve short-term incidents.” They include instant deaths, falling from height, a premonition of your final results, AAP forming the Delhi government and not to forget your mom waking you up, which actually is not a dream!

Imagine you get the same feeling sitting in an economics class. The sir is going on talking , moving his mouth as if a cow is chewing grass and you are staring away at him, inflating your mouth as if the economy is going to boom. This is the point of satiety where you can take no more and start flowing into the concept of Micro-dreamonomics.

Your head slowly goes down and you are taken in by the world of imaginations and dreams. Expressing the beast in you, your wildest desires, your craziest passions are all projected in front of you. It feels like your soul has left the body, just like a free hawk in the air , and the body just lies there like a piece of flesh. It is not some petty hallucination or any sort of high which a drug gives you, but it is the high of the spirit, the soul being set free into the open universe, flowing aimlessly in every direction, trying to look for the perfect meaning, in search of the heavens.

‘Control’ is one factor which is very hard for the mind and soul. As the graphs are being explained in the class, on the other side of the world in you mind are the wild west wars in action. All the people your sub-conscious mind thinks of are a part of your ecstatic dream.

The professor is probably chasing thieves down in Mexico and your classmates, the thieves racing for their lives. All the people you imagine of become a part of the fantasy that you go through. Dreams are so intense that you can actually feel being shot and blood dripping from your hands, the same way the graphs were going down of the Indian GDP in the class. In the end your professor turns out to be the sheriff, your actual villain, in class and in your parallel life.

A loud yell from the professor and the soul is disturbed, like a spoilt cable T.V and tunes into some new world. This time probably falling off the Empire state building, right into the heart of New York the same way the rupee continues to fall against the rising dollar. Your heart is frozen, you can see your end come, falling off a 100 story tower. You can’t do anything about it. Totally helpless. You’re just falling and falling and it goes on getting darker and darker, but when you were just about to fall…


He bangs the table, and you have entered into a new world. This time probably you meet your dream girl. Falling right into her arms, you stare at her eternal beauty, her innocent smile and the mesmerizing glow in her eyes. Her sensational hair is so black and soft that you feel you have put your hands through marsh mellows. Your looking into her eyes, and she is looking too, and just when you are about to kiss her you feel a sting on your cheek. She starts moving away from you, further and further. You’re trying to hold her but she just does not come into your grasp, you can’t take it anymore, you run, faster and faster, but feel that your feet are stuck to the ground and just as you feel you got her back…………..

SLAM !! The sting comes to life, with the professors finger prints on your cheeks, your mind is wavering with that slap, the graphs on the board are going up and down, instead of 1 you can see 10 of him, just like Raavan in the Indian epic. When you get up, the only thing you remember is that girl’s beautiful face and the sorrow of letting her go away. You’re totally heart-broken. You just wished you could have at least taken her number!



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Mike October 17, 2017 - 9:34 am

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Mike October 17, 2017 - 9:35 am

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